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A noir FPS that uses unique lighting to create emergent stealth mechanics.



On a train full of lost souls, you are the conductor, and must listen to their stories to guide them to what lies beyond.


My Design Philosophy,

      I love telling stories through games. I believe that games can tell stories that no other format can. To achieve this, a games systems and it's narrative must go hand in hand, be one and the same. Every system must be contextualized by the narrative, and every line or story beat must be communicated through the mechanics. I have studied systems design, narrative design, and creative writing extensively in order to realize this in my own projects.

My Goals,

      I am eager to find a job at a game development studio. I have passions for many creative fields, and can wear many hats on any team. In addition to my game design and writing experience I have spent years practicing illustration, graphic design, and 3d art. I am not tied to any particular location, and would be happy to work at a AAA or indie studio. As long as I can make things for a living, I'm happy.

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