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Games I worked on as a team member, where my role was focused on systems and narrative design.


My role on SCORCH was as the lead designer and systems designer. The concept passed through greenlight and the team has recently upgraded from a five person to fourteen person team.

SCORCH started as an idea of mine back in high school, and the opportunity to bring it to life with a team was a literal dream come true. The game is a first-person shooter that uses a binary lighting shader to create emergent stealth mechanics.


I came onto Yolk as a Narrative Designer and then later on continued as a systems designer. I was responsible for identifying the core gameplay loop and developing the systems to communicate it. The game is a 3d adventure platformer.

_NNOYn (1).png

Last Stop was made for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam. I worked on the project as a writer and systems designer.

The player takes the role of a ticket taker on a train ushering souls to the afterlife.



Games I worked on alone, designing systems, programming, creating art and writing.


I made Starfinder to show that you don't need a quintillion procedurally generated solar systems to have a fun space game. You just need a core gameplay loop that focuses on fun and engaging exploration.


At the time of making The Humming Glum I was studying the ways in which games created strong senses of exploration and discovery. My goal with this project was to recreate that experience.  The player finds a lens that reveals the true nature of things, 

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