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What is INKantation?

The challenge for INKantation was to create a game using a non-standard controller (no keyboard, x-box or playstation). In this game, the player uses the WiiMote to control a first-person character, and to paint symbols in the air that summon powerful demons. The player must use their summoning abilities to fight through robotic police in a cyberpunk, facist dystopia.

What did I contribute?

     As the second designer on the team, I was primarily in charge of systems design. I did everything I could to take the lead designers original visions and make it into a streamlined gameplay experience.
     Originally, the plan was to have paintable walls for the player to draw their symbols on, but I put alot of effort into convincing the team that allowing the player to paint in the air would create a more streamlined combat experience, so they wouldn't need to look away from their enemies.

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