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are five plant monsters who can transform to look like human women.

The world has reached a critical mass point. Humans have encroached on or destroyed too much natural territory, and all the creatures, monsters and spirits that previously stayed hidden must start moving into and reclaiming human occupied land. The sisters are Warriors of Gaia. They were created by Gaia, (Mother Earth) to be both warriors and ambassadors. They must provide aid, facilitate peace, and fight for good in conflicts between humanity and beings of the wild, all while balancing there lives as college students.



Photosynthesisters is a long-lasting passion project that I've been working on for years. 

I usually force myself to disassociate from my characters and stories so I don't get to attached to them. These five characters however, are extremely close to me. Because of this close attachment, and the fact that I've been discussing and working on them for years, these are the most detailed, though-out characters that I've ever developed. They deep, vibrant personalities, and one day soon I'm going to tell fantastic stories with them.

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